Why I love sociology

It is so important to have a love and passion for the subject you’re going to embark on a degree level. At the end of the day, you are paying for this and committing three/four years to it.

So, why do I love sociology?

  • It explores the ‘taboo’ areas within our society
  • Very very up to date – most of the time you can read a news article in the morning and relate it back sociologically somehow
  • It is applicable to almost everyday in our world in the ways we understand, learn and transmit what we consider to be the obvious in our world which is really is anything but (shout out to Alisha for this point) – with sociology be prepared to become unfamiliarised with what you consider familiar.
  • Very versatile – the amount of doors sociology can open are countless (teaching, HR, charity, journalism…)

This list could go on, but these four reasons are the most important to me and the reasons why I decided to take it on to degree level.

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About Faheema

Hey, my name is Faheema and I am a first year Sociology student! I will be documenting my journey studying Sociology at Leicester as well as my experience as a stay at home student (yes, I have not ‘flown the nest’ for uni). I may or may not have a bad habit of rambling on about irrelevant things, but I will try to keep my posts as succinct as I possibly can, I promise!

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