Summer is over…

From a student’s perspective, a very huge plus point is the amount of holidays we get. Summer is most definitely the highlight of the calendar. Done with exams by May and lectures not stating till late September/early October, it’s a four month holiday well deserved (in my opinion anyway).

During summer you’ll see students travelling, getting a summer job or just taking each day as it comes. But there comes a point during the summer where you start craving some routine in your life, the routine given by uni.

So, when my timetable finally dropped I was so glad that I was able to start planning my life. But then it struck, I’d have to say goodbye to lie ins!


But the madness that is uni starts just over a week, and I am looking forward to it!

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About Faheema

Hey, my name is Faheema and I am a first year Sociology student! I will be documenting my journey studying Sociology at Leicester as well as my experience as a stay at home student (yes, I have not ‘flown the nest’ for uni). I may or may not have a bad habit of rambling on about irrelevant things, but I will try to keep my posts as succinct as I possibly can, I promise!

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