Options, options, options

It is that time of the year when deadlines are fast approaching but we’re all braving through this knowing that we do not actually have to come back for any teaching, just exams we might have during May/June.

But this also when we get the email asking us to choose our options for the following year. It is very exciting because this is where we get to shape our degree and learning but it can also be daunting as we don’t want to make the ‘wrong’ choices.

The department always send out a document outlining what modules are available, brief description as well as how the module will be assessed (a deal breaker in my opinion). They also organise an options fair where the different module leaders come and give an insight in to their module and we’re given the option to ask questions directly to those maybe teaching us. The general pattern for both second year and third year options is that we get one optional module in semester 1 and we get to choose two optional modules in semester 2.

The options for us going in to our final year at uni include:

Semester 1

  • Drugs & Society
  • Living with Risk

Semester 2

  • Football and Society
  • Social Movements
  • Space, Place and Contemporary Society
  • Autobiographical Society
  • Sociology of Health and Illness
  • Growing up and Growing Older
  • International Migration
  • The Global Sex Trade

The one module that us third year students will have during both semesters is our research project/dissertation.

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