My ‘Goodbye’ Blog *sniff sniff*

The past two years blogging for the Sociology Department has been an absolutely incredible experience, which I am now really very sad to be waving goodbye to. Not only has this opportunity allowed me to develop my skills in writing and blogging beyond belief, it’s actually given me a sort of purpose to really explore […]

A Summer of Contemplation (and most likely, rain).

It seems absolutely beyond crazy that I have now completed my second year at University. It seems even more bizarre to me that I am now having to seriously contemplate and question all I have ever thought I would wish to pursue as a future career as the ever-louder ‘job-clock’ is ticking on. In the midst […]

Dissertation Dynamics

Having recently submitted my Research Project preparation form for my impending dissertation, I feel in a slight daze over how ‘real’ everything is. Now, do not get me wrong, I have not been living in a non-reality where the importance of my work at University surpasses me, but in my preparation for what will possibly […]

A Little Appreciation.

As May has rolled in, alongside my final days spent in a local primary school to gain insight into the world of teaching, I came to the realisation that the dreaded exam period is almost upon us. I don’t know about you, but I’m still slightly mourning Christmas! 2014 has so far passed in a complete […]

The Delights of the Easter Holidays (asides from those chocolate eggs).

The Easter holidays, for myself, were seen as a ‘safe-haven’ of sorts, in which I could go home and indulge in my father’s cooking and enjoy a ridiculous amount of time spent in the bath (something I miss terribly whilst at University, almost as much as fish’n’chips!). After a semester of hard-work, mountains of books […]


Nothing is as appealing to me as travelling (well, except perhaps a lifetimes supply of peanut butter), and whilst snooping about at holiday packages for a week away in the sun after examinations are finished, I realised this is the prime time for me to do adventuring. Surrounded by friends doing amazing trips around the […]

International Women’s Day and What It Means for Feminism.

As some of you may know, yesterday (Saturday 8th March) was International Women’s Day, and I was happily surprised at the sheer amount of publicity it gained on social networking – women thanking their mothers, sisters and best friends for helping them to be the best versions of themselves dotted across my timeline on Twitter. However, […]

Adventures at Warwick Castle!

Adventures at Warwick Castle!

We each have our little quirks and interests, things which really captivate our imaginations and come to almost define who we are as a person – this all-encompassing kind of love of a topic or theme, from football to Pythagoras theorem, becomes almost definitive to who we are. One of my many, but arguably my […]

The power of a good list!

Everyone has felt it at one point or another, and it is a phenomena known personally by all students – stress. Stress is a normal part of University life, and comes hand in hand with coursework and exams, however if you let the natural and needed stresses of work become unbearable monsters which keep you […]

Positivity is key; a post for the worriers and tired ‘over-achievers’ this exam season.

Positivity is key; a post for the worriers and tired ‘over-achievers’ this exam season.

Usually during exam season, I am the typical sleepless, stressed and crazed looking girl standing in the corner, mumbling memorised notes under my breath whilst clutching my 7th cup of coffee. This year, however, I seem to have become one of those magical, calm and collected students, who despite feeling those normal feelings of exam […]

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