Keeping up student morale this exam season; TeachFirst edition.

Happy New Year, folks! Here’s to hoping 2014 is full of wonderful things for us all. One thing I am certainly hoping is in store for my 2014 is top-notch grades (winning the lottery would be nice too, but you can’t have everything)! So, in hopes of achieving my 2014 aim, I have been revising […]

Post-Christmas revision mania.

I hope everyone has had a lovely Christmas and is now settling down into their comfy sofas, with a cuppa’ in one hand, a television remote in the other, and a belly so full you could hibernate until the warm weeks of 2014’s British summer! I, on the other hand, have crashed back down to […]

Drug-Addiction; to be treated as an illness, or the result of poor life choices?

With the recent revelations within the news concerning much loved chef, Nigella Lawson, and her casual drug-use, I have found myself reflecting upon the opinions towards drug-use and addiction within the United Kingdom. It’s something I have debated, discussed and researched quite a few times before, and have always came to the same concluding question […]

Deadlines a’Hoy, (and a little announcement)!

After arriving back from my much needed (and widely-envied by other discipline pals) reading week, I have crash landed into the ominous and looming deadline week(s). No, it isn’t the tinsel I have decorated my student house with (*nods* yes, this early) that is encouraging my ridiculously premature count-down to the festive season, it is […]

‘An Honest Guide on Getting to Grips with Sociology at Degree Level’.

October passed in a flurry of orange leaves, pumpkin-lattes and dusty knitwear pulled from the very deepest of depths of our wardrobes and, now, November has arrived with a bang (literally… hello bonfire night!). Another yearly event is also taking place in those first few weeks of November here at the University, and unless you’ve […]

Feeling like a ‘proper’ second year, featuring Bastille and Taekwondo!

Any University student will be the first to tell you that it’s not all fun and (drinking) games whilst you spend your time here studying; with bags under our eyes and a coffee in our hands, we are likely to tell you that, if you do it properly, studying is hard business. Students can often […]

Making the most of me; an update.

It’s good to be back, folks! Returning to lectures and sinking my teeth into some really interesting and challenging modules I’ll be facing this semester has been akin to feeling ‘home’. It may be bizarre to any non-students, or to anyone whom does not potter around a University campus, but there is something so exciting […]

Living life in the fast-lane, feat. ‘Fresh-fest’.

Whenever I explain what my life is like whilst living in Leicester, I always find myself balancing it against my home life in the countryside – living in Norfolk is very much like driving in the slow lane; you can take everything easily, relax and sit back and just enjoy the ride, which is lovely! […]

Generation Facebook; the good, the narcissist and the #selfie.

According to Google, I belong to ‘Generation Y’. Contrary to what you may be thinking, no, that does not mean I am a member of MI5, and if I were, I would hope that such information would not be so easily accessible as to find on Google! It does, however, mean that I was born […]

Advice on second-year for upcoming Freshers.

This particular post of mine will be ‘out of sorts’ in comparison to my usual, meaty blogs on more worldly and grittier topics as it focuses largely upon little ol’ me and will hopefully give any first year Undergraduates a little insight into the transition from Fresher to second year, from Halls to renting, from […]

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