Goodbye Blog!

Well, after just under a year of blogging for the University of Leicester it’s time to call it a day. With the epic third year work-load and the fact that I’m always looking for something new to get stuck into, I’ve decided to knock the old blogging number on the head. Fortunately you’ll still have […]

Thinking careers

As I’m sure many of you know the beginning of November, the 5th to the 8th, is the Leicester University ‘Festival of Careers’. Much hype surrounds this yearly event and after recently attending the mandatory induction session, I can understand why. While there is no immediate need for first and second year undergraduate students to attend […]


Fresh as a Daisy. Well it’s good to be back. Back in Leicester, back in study mode, back with the buddies and back with the housemates. Wandering around the campus earlier on today I couldn’t help but notice all the fresh and unfamiliar faces; seemingly full of enthusiasm -whilst also looking slightly bewildered- and understandably, […]

Opportunities Awash

Gaining extra-curricular experience at university is more important than ever. With so many youngsters and oldsters passing through the university system nowadays grade inflation is becoming an increasing problem. This ultimately means that many employers are looking for that something extra. Sure, acing every module and leaving university with a first degree honour will stand you in good stead […]

The World Turns Blue… My Face Turns Red!

   One of the first things which I can remember being instructed to do -in relation to my Sociology degree- was to keep abreast of current affairs. This, quite obviously, would involve watching the news on a regular basis (something which I had always done) along with making a habit of regular newspaper consumption. Not a problem, […]

Dissertation intimidation.

I guess it’s time to start thinking (at least) about the mammoth third year assignment, otherwise known as the dissertation. So what is a dissertation? After having an initial introductory lecture some weeks ago I can tell you that the sociology research project dissertation is an 8’500 word beast, complete with an abstract; literature review; a discussion […]

When the surf dies down.

When the surf dies down.

The last few weeks have been a messy affair. All sorts going on, all sorts going off, and all manner of things going down. Well, where to start. Exams were hell on toast and after getting my results back a couple of days ago, I have to admit I’m disappointed. I didn’t flunk, just didn’t […]

Examination termination

Well, I’m glad that is finally over. I can now put behind me the last few weeks of living in a library and dreaming about the Meiji Restoration, amongst other very strange academically related things.   Exam season is hell. Ask any student and they’ll tell you. Seemingly endless and repetitive reading of the same material over, and over, and […]


I’m pleased to announce that as of the begining of the next academic year, the Leicester University Sociology Department will be offering all incoming batches of fresh meat (new sociology students), the opportunity to take advantage of a new student mentoring system.  How does this work? Well the idea is in its formative stages, but the general plan is […]

They don’t make’m like they used to.

As alluded too in a blog previous (Goodbye Blockbuster) I like to, in fact love to watch films when I have spare time. Every now and again I stumble across, or am pointed in the direction of, an absolute blinder of a movie which is  relevant sociologically and I can’t help but bang on about it. This […]

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