Love Leicester, hate Leicester, skate Leicester.

Apologies for the prolonged absence. The recent turn of fortune for the British weather has had a severe impact upon not only my availability to blog, but also willingness to blog on a regular basis. Sure thing I’ve been out and about a lot over the last two weeks during the Easter break, and much needed break […]

Leicester University represented on BBC Radio 4 show “The 3rd Degree”

It’s not everyday you’re asked to be on the radio and when it happened to me I jumped at the chance. In early February one of my lecturers from the first year sent me an ‘urgent’ e-mail regarding an opportunity to represent the University of Leicester on a light hearted Radio 4 quizz show called The […]

Essay’s Without Mercy

Being so incredibly snowed under with essays and presentation preparation is hell. Unfortunately this seems to be a simple fact of life for the typical student. How much easier things are when the research being carried out is actually interesting, when you find yourself so immersed in your selected material that you forget you’ve an […]

Army, Navy, Airforce, Retail or Jail.

Hang on a minute, what about further education? For a lot of people, apart from T.S.O.L, four out of the five potential career paths highlighted in the title of this blog provide rewarding and fulfilling lifestyles. However, within the current employment climate even the armed forces aren’t recruiting, or summoning as many young men and women […]

Fascists set to invade Leicester’s Student Union!

It has come to my attention that several fascist and racist organisations are planning to engage in debates at numerous university unions across the country. The exact dates of the planned invasions are as yet unclear, however the University of Leicester Students Union is expected to be a primary target in an all-out assault planned […]

A case for charity.

Getting hold of the books you require for your course at university can be challenging. Some people rely solely upon the collection held in the library, some people purchase most of what they need from Amazon, and most people mix both of these tactics. Personally I tend to purchase key texts from Amazon and use […]

Goodbye Blockbuster.

With the exams finished as of last Friday, the 25th, many students will have a little time on their hands over the next week or two. Before the lectures start to get too in depth why not take advantage of the incredible range of movies available at the David Wilson Library. It took me most […]

Keep it clean.

It’s good to be back, well almost. When the time comes to make the return journey it is exciting, even if you are returning to the well documented hell of exams. The excitement reaches peak when you’re fumbling whilst trying to get your key in the door of the place you call Leicester home. The […]

Pause, reflect, press play.

It’s the last evening to be spent in Leicester by this student blogger. All packed, showered and shaved, house cleaned, train and boat tickets checked, and checked again. Just this blog to finish and that’s me, all done. After a cocktail of lectures, books, deadlines and hangovers, finally getting back to that little rock in […]

Popping the blogging cherry.

Popping the blogging cherry. Wow, My first ever blog. According to my “student blogger” training I’ve already broken the blogger’s first rule; “don’t blog about blogging.” Dam. I guess that so long as I don’t break rule number two: Refrain from using “fantastic” as a descriptive, I shouldn’t get struck off the student blogger payroll […]

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