What I like about Leicester

What I like about Leicester

For me it is getting very close to starting third year which means I’ll have to start thinking about applying for jobs pretty soon (terrifying!). But before I do this I must decide where in the UK (or where in the world…) I will look for jobs. My family are completely spread out across the […]

Advice on second-year for upcoming Freshers.

This particular post of mine will be ‘out of sorts’ in comparison to my usual, meaty blogs on more worldly and grittier topics as it focuses largely upon little ol’ me and will hopefully give any first year Undergraduates a little insight into the transition from Fresher to second year, from Halls to renting, from […]

Gone are the days of “…manic revision and taking Kalms like it is my day-job!”

I have spent the past two or so days back in my little hometown, recovering from an awful bout of food poisoning (NOT inflicted by my own cooking, which is quite shocking), but from the otherwise trusted Nandos! I truly believe it was just a case of bad luck, as I’ve never experienced anything such […]

The Life and Times of a Fresher.

According to the holy grail that is ‘Urban Dictionary’, Fresher’s are people  “known for their love of having a good time”, according to the god-father of the internet (Google), it means “not salty” – whilst it could be debated both hold snippets of the truth, I’ve decided this particular post of mine will provide you a […]

Chocolate covered Woks in London.

A very belated Merry Christmas to you all! If you aren’t fretting over what feels like a few gained pounds due to chocolate consumption, then I salute you! I, myself, have reached the stage where I am no longer rewarding myself with a chocolate pretzel if I reach the end of a page whilst revising; […]

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