Update On My Dissertation Part 2: Changing My Question

Ahhh, the deadline for my 10,000 word dissertation is looming fast. Well, it’s actually still another month and a half away yet but with a 5,000 word case study due in the week before and a 2 hour exam shortly after there is actually very little time available. But, it looks like I am on […]

It’s not so bad after all…

It’s not so bad after all…

When I was half way through my second year I started to get worried about my dissertation. I panicked that I had not yet even thought of a topic to research let alone a question and the thought of having to do my own research (given that my worst modules so far, grades wise, had […]

Dissertation Dynamics

Having recently submitted my Research Project preparation form for my impending dissertation, I feel in a slight daze over how ‘real’ everything is. Now, do not get me wrong, I have not been living in a non-reality where the importance of my work at University surpasses me, but in my preparation for what will possibly […]

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