Is there an unanswered need to discuss mental health in our country’s schooling system?

I’d firstly like to apologise for my recent hiatus in terms of blogging-posts – my life has been going at 100mph for the usual sluggish lifestyle I lead whilst home and surrounded by the nothingness of gorgeous Norfolk. However, after decimating my town centre with eager (and slightly desperate) CV’s during the Easter period, I […]

Ethics and Euthanasia – where do we draw the line?

There are two gargantuan barriers to research and study within the Social Sciences – morals and ethics – and if you’ve ever studied anything surrounding the mental state, wellbeing or outward influences of a person/group of persons, you will undoubtedly be very familiar with their importance. Within the discipline of Sociology, morals and ethics are […]

Conquering the control this exam season.

There are two words I can utter to induce even the tiniest jilt of horror in every single student, at every different academic stage – those words? Exam. Season. Yes, folks! The (temporary) ending is nigh! Grab your essentials and run for the hills, because the months of May and June bring much terror to […]

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