The promise of blogs to come.

The rush and excitement of being back in the countryside for 5 weeks has been accompanied by a ludicrous amount of organising on my behalf for those upcoming summer (or lack of!) exams. However, it’s also left me with lots of time to ponder over interesting blogs I could write and have a few very […]

There really is no place like home!

I have been back in the countryside for approximately 38 minutes and it is beyond wonderful! Despite my love for Leicester and little Oadby, nothing can beat driving behind a tractor for a painful amount of time and walking my dog (Shih Tzu/Westie, and the cutest animal alive) through empty fields. It’s a welcome calm […]

I was ludicrously excited to be at one of the most intriguing palaces in the world and home to my most favourite historical era, The Tudors - the Tower of London

New Year’s Resolutions – why do we make them?

I don’t wish to post the generic ‘Happy New Year!’ post, but seeing as it is the second of January and this particular post of mine is to follow such a theme, I will begin by saying I really do hope you all have a fabulous year ahead of you. Whether it be through academic […]

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