Places to eat in Leicester

Places to eat in Leicester

I am a food lover. In fact, I can go as far as saying I am obsessed with food. I plan my days around food, it’s the thought of having breakfast which gets me out of bed in the morning and when somebody mentions the idea of having a meal out you’ll see a big […]

(From left) A Devil, a Vampire, Superwoman who died in the act of trying to save everyone from the terrors of Halloween and finally, Katniss Everdeen!

Adiós Exams and ‘Fresherdom’ (Part 2 or 2).

I have officially finished my first year at University, waved goodbye to my little hovel in the beautiful grounds of Oadby, packed up what felt like my life’s contents and moved back to the countryside for three months. How. Very. Bizarre. If you had told the very eager, bushy-tailed and bright-eyed Amy-Rose nine months ago […]

Adiós Exams and ‘Fresherdom’ (Part 1 or 2).

Picture this; the sun is shining, students are scattered all around the abundant beautiful surroundings of Oadby, music is playing in the distance as you lay back on your towel, book clutched in one hand, a glass of Pimms in the other and not one single exam paper/revision/book in sight. At all. Anywhere. As you […]

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