Positivity is key; a post for the worriers and tired ‘over-achievers’ this exam season.

Positivity is key; a post for the worriers and tired ‘over-achievers’ this exam season.

Usually during exam season, I am the typical sleepless, stressed and crazed looking girl standing in the corner, mumbling memorised notes under my breath whilst clutching my 7th cup of coffee. This year, however, I seem to have become one of those magical, calm and collected students, who despite feeling those normal feelings of exam […]

Conquering the control this exam season.

There are two words I can utter to induce even the tiniest jilt of horror in every single student, at every different academic stage – those words? Exam. Season. Yes, folks! The (temporary) ending is nigh! Grab your essentials and run for the hills, because the months of May and June bring much terror to […]

Gone are the days of “…manic revision and taking Kalms like it is my day-job!”

I have spent the past two or so days back in my little hometown, recovering from an awful bout of food poisoning (NOT inflicted by my own cooking, which is quite shocking), but from the otherwise trusted Nandos! I truly believe it was just a case of bad luck, as I’ve never experienced anything such […]

How to combat those feelings of anxiety.

Upon my recent return to Leicester, I have rapidly realised my biggest drawback in most aspects of my life is the crippling anxiety I face when under times of pressure. Usually, I’m a major advocate for anything which can present a challenge and have a habit of setting myself the most ambitious (and often unrealistic) goals. Yet, […]

Chocolate covered Woks in London.

A very belated Merry Christmas to you all! If you aren’t fretting over what feels like a few gained pounds due to chocolate consumption, then I salute you! I, myself, have reached the stage where I am no longer rewarding myself with a chocolate pretzel if I reach the end of a page whilst revising; […]

Season Greetings and ‘Hello!’ from the new Sociology blogger.

Picture this; a girl sitting in two-day-old pyjamas, with sheets upon sheets of lecture notes scattered around the hovel she’s created on her bedroom floor, whilst singing (badly) to Michael Buble’s infamous Christmas album, and you’ll probably have an accurate image of the state I am in whilst writing this very post, mid-revision. I have […]

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