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International Student Service

International Student Service

One of the best things about a year abroad is that you know that you are always going to be supported in what you do.  Most of this support will come from your family and the friends you make on your journey, but there are also systems put in place for you by both your […]

My First Post! Preparing for Study Abroad.

Hey guys, so I thought I’d start my blogging experience with talking about how I’ve been preparing for my Study Abroad year in Australia and what the whole process has been like! Since term ended and all the stress of trying to make my house presentable enough to get at least some of my deposit […]

How did I fund my study abroad year?

Studying abroad was something I had previously not considered doing because I thought it would have cost me a lot. And lets be honest, university is expensive enough as it is, we don’t want to feel any poorer or in any more debt. So how did I fund my study abroad? Because of course, you need money […]

‘Summer in the City’ (of Amsterdam)

There is so much to see in Amsterdam, it can kind of be overwhelming… so here is a list of a few things I have done in Amsterdam during this warm weather and I would thoroughly reccommend!     Visit a beach Amsterdam is so close to some beautiful beaches! 30- 40 mins on the […]

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