Eine kleine Nachtmusik

The title of a famous piece of music by Mr Mozart , this literally means ‘a little night music’ (so I am told) and I chose to name this entry this as I am currently on a mad one in Berlin. Berlin is a gorgeous young metropolis made up of the reborn , graffiti covered East side full of clubs and piercings and the boring west side that nobody ever talks about. Might go to this crazy club tonight-its bloody massive and you can be turned away at the door for literally no reason, just if you haven’t got the right vibe. However I am quite sleepy , so may go for a walk by the big beautiful river. The people of Berlin are very nice indeed . very friendly and not uptight about speaking english (thank god). They have lots of tattoos and septum piercings and everybody drinks delicious cheap beer all the time.Might book a few nights on a boat hostel that floats around on the river , or a few nights in the big dark forest around Berlin , but its a bit fiddly to organise and also a bit more expensive.Definately reccomend Berlin to anyone who wants to have a good time. Learnt a couple of words or German and spoken a bit of Italian to some other Italians but english is still my favourite.Met some amazing and unhinged people who I shall remember forever-but this always happpens when I travel.Been to some cool museums- saw Nefertiti’s head- she’s not all that- but saw a magnificent tiny painting called the ‘Eastern Woman’ that was absolutelz gorgeous.Her face was like a real womans face , but her clothes were tanatalisingly stylised.Went to the museums with an ex-Californian ganagster who got shot in the head and came on an around the world journey to seek redemption and find himself again and ended up as an assistant on a photoshoot with a Californian performance artist (people form Cali’ are great and everywhere) who was dressed as a giant white bird and flapped around the citty bothering people. It was great fun and totally mad.Everywere there is grafitti but also affluent young attarctive people , its not a rough place.Went some amazing flea markets today, huge things like shanty towns full of anything you could desire. Very hard tpo describe this amazing place and the amzing things that happen here, maybe I will have more time to describe it in my next entry.

Have found peace and happinness in this great city with my magnificant friend Jodie ,who is here with me and is very nice indeed. Find yourself such a  friend and go to Berlin. Cameron, Out. x

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Cameron has now graduated for the University of Leicester. I am Cameron, currently living in Oulu, Finland for my Erasmus year and studying Geography...Physical Geography (BSc) to be precise. I’ll tell you what it’s like to be me, a 3rd year geography student at the northernmost geography department in the world.

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