13 responses to “A Word of Warning”

  1. Nathan

    I was about to be the next victim.. Someone tried to contact me using a copy of your passport and a photo of you.
    As the emails had definitely not been written by a native English speaker, I began to fret a little bit about the whole thing. I guess they try to use the data from previous victims to fool the next ones.
    I’m glad I could read this post before it was too late (i also sent you a msg on fb to be quite sure)
    Have a nice year in Frankfurt!

  2. Robbie (Denmark)

    Hey Pouneh, I’m sorry to hear about this. But it sounds like you have the right attitude and you’ve learnt an important lesson. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

    The tips you gave are very useful. When I was looking for accommodation with a friend we got an offer that seemed too good to be true. We contacted our international office just to get the university involved. As it turned out, they told us that it was a scam, as I had suspected. So another piece of advice that I could give for others is: if in doubt, ask the student office. They should be able to help.

    I hope you find some accommodation soon.

  3. çağdaş

    Hey Pounah,

    Right now I am also searching for a room in Stuttgart and today I get a reply from one of the persons I get in contact. Interesting thing is that person who reply to me is using your name. The mail they send was quite similar to you explained, they asked for copy of my passport and mentioned about the deposit and first month payment. I found the mail suspicious and decided to check the name on google and find this. After I read this now I’m pretty sure that they are trying to cheat me as well(if you’re not really renting a room in Stuttgart:)). I don’t know if it will be helpful for you but I can give you the email address they use, if you want.

    So thank you for writing your experience here…

  4. Cameron (Finland)

    Hard lack Pouneh , hope Germany treats you kinder in the future. I just came back from two weeks in Berlin , I found the german people to be the kindest and coolest people I’v ever met- if the Frankfurters are anything like the Berliners you’ll have a really great year!

  5. David

    Sorry to hear about your experience Pouneh, and great advice to anyone in a similar situation!

  6. Bobby

    Wishing you all the best for your study abroad. Enjoy a great time. 🙂

  7. Bobby

    This is a forewarning to you not to trust anyone blindly. I feel that there is always a forewarning before any major accident. When we ignore all the forewarnings and become complacent is when a major disaster happens. You should be thankful that you have been duped for a small amount. Therefore, learn your lesson from this episode and don’t commit the same in future. Don’t live in remorse of what happened. Mistakes can happen with anyone, but to repeat the same is really awful.

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