5 responses to “Copenhagen Cycling Guide – Part One”

  1. Cameron (Finland)

    Ahh just bad bike chains, all the bikes here are a bit dodgy. Might do a Oulu Cycling guide for here as well!Cheers!

  2. Copenhagen Cycling Guide – Part Two, University of Leicester

    […] Part One of my cycling guide dealt with navigation around the city.  This article will focus on the practicalities of owning a bike, the rules, and on safety.  Here are my tips for cycling in the city: […]

  3. Cameron (Finland)

    Haha fantastic! sounds a bit like Oulu mate , I’ve already worked my way through two bikes here but I am glad to read your cycling advice , cycling is very big here too. And they have no word for please in Finnish either! But Copenhagen looks a bit more citylike and cool than the giant dense forest i’m inhabitng for the next nine months!

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