Selection of Recent Observations of Finnish Culture

Anyway, some observations from Finland:

-Here you pay €100 for Student Union membership, but then get free medical and legal services! Might come in useful, and €15 for serious dentistry work is probably better than anywhere in the world!

-Finnish Men- all seem to have an air of Atticus from ‘To Kill a Mocking Bird’. Look like they probably own their own hair cutting equipment and an assortment of modest shirts, and enjoy reading non-fiction in the Scandinavian evenings, but at the drop of a hat could easily blast a wild bear in the face.

-I am amazed by how everyone speaks English here. I was in an orientation lecture the other day and out of 300 people in the room only me and a few other American’s and Canadians had English as their mother tongue, but everyone was speaking in English. It is very bizarre how important English is to everyone- not meaning disrespect, I understand the bigger picture of why English is what it is- the new Urdu of the world, a mixed world language. But meeting people from so many different countries that can all speak to me and want to speak like me is a strange, surprising and sometimes slightly sad experience. Many Erasmus students have come here to learn English.

-Lots of clothes racks everywhere in the Uni…seem pointless now, but are presumably for the mountains of warm clothes everyone wears when its minus 35.A stark reminder of things to come.

-Bizarre university museum including museum of medical oddities within viewing distance of canteen. Yesterday ate fish sausage with luminous yellow lemon sauce whilst being watched by a 6 legged lamb. Unsettling.

-Everything is incredibly expensive. Will be going to SU canteen every day, as I spent €120 euros on a few days of food on Tuesday, compared with €2.60 for fish and luminous sauce in the SU.

-In the canteen, if you plate up a wrong combination of main meal and sauce that is not on the menu, you pay for two different meals and hence double price –they seem strangely exact about these bizarre things.

-Surprised and complimented by the fact typing ‘Cameron Finland ‘ into Google brings up my blog as the first hit.

-Free usable headphones on campus computers mean it is easy listening to music! Lana Del Rey, here I come!

-Finnish students not arrived yet, but I think I’ve seen a few odd ones about- they l0ok slightly Lithuanian.

-Finnish obsession with different grades of fat in milk. No fat, low fat, low lactose, no lactose, Finnish milk, non-Finnish milk… all expensive. Lactose free milk is delicious though , tastes like rice pudding. May actually be rice pudding , can’t read label yet.

-Finnish language sounds a lot like Italian in my opinion- the structure of conjoined vowels, vowels next to consonants and the rolling of the r’s is similar.

-Possibility of going to Russia and maybe Lapland with University, but seems a tad expensive so might just go by myself on the cheap. Me and the French guys and gals are going to rent a car to go to Lapland I think, its only thirty euros a day-can’t afford not to buy it!


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