Minus twenty!

It finally dropped below minus twenty today! The cold is beautiful and wonderful- It is both colder than you could imagine and at other times really not so bad. It freezes things you wouldn’t imagine could freeze- chain turns into a solid stick of metal, string becomes like brittle wire, hair becomes glued together with ice ,my beard becomes like crunchy icey moss, the sea is now a flat windy desert stretching as far as the eye can see, the sand on the beaches transformed into a concrete harder than steel.And bicycle tires freeze and crack. My ears get quite cold too. And the deadly ice that shines on the streets bizarrely record the history of the people and animals that crossed them when they were slightly melted , so under the snow preserved in rock hard ice are footprints , bike lines and pawprints, like a geological record. The ice on the streets should never be underestimated and can make even short distances genuinely impassable, unless the lovely snow is there to provide some friction.

Yesterday I took my bike down to Nallikari and rode around on the sea for a bit- it took a rock and tried to crack open the ice but after a few inches I gave up-its pretty damn solid. Did some cool skids , saw the sun go down , and was officially cycling around on the sea. In a similiar feat me and the french birdwatchers went for a nightime mission to the lake to see some northern lights ,and ended up walking totally across the lake- about a kilometre and a half , or one mile. It was dark as night and we didn’t see any northern lights , but walking around for hours on the lake was great fun.

Another top tip with cold environemtns – when’re you’re warm and cosy , don’t get cocky, just keep doing whatever it is your doing, because its obviosuly working.Basically- you’ll never feel cold…untill you feel cold. Just the other day I was waltzing around on the ice – I’m so warm I thought! This is fantastic , I can’t even feel the cold! An hour outside , and nothing , I’m warm as can be! I’ll just take off my glove…and still , its not even that cold! Blimey , my hands are still warm without even any gloves! I’ll just touch the snow…

and the second my fingers entered the snow , I knew my mistake and was basically on my way home. When you get your hands cold from touching cold things- my personal favourites seem to be making handprints in the snow or putting my hand in cold water to see how cold it is- your hand will suddenly be so excuciatingly cold that no  amount of breathing on it ,rubbing it or anywhere you can put it will warm it up , and you better basically start pedalling you way home as you curse your foolishness and frozen fingers.

In other ice related stupidity, I currently have a cracking headache as a result of going to the sauna then rolling around in snow afterwards- its very fun but yeah , my head is now killing me.Also,realised the sauna is probably the main recognisable element of Finnish culture here, and heard the snow will still be here in April when my family arrive.

Anyway, I’m jetting back to Deutschland tomorrow to see my german maiden, and to avoid breaking the bank on flight costs I have to get up at 4 o clock in the morning then cycle , take a train, then take a bus , then take a plane, then take a bus , then take a bus , then take four more trains , then I have a week of being with my loved one again!

Take care and have a good week too! Laters!


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