2 responses to “Container Madness”

  1. Robbie (Denmark)

    Hey Hermon, nice descriptive article! The flow of boats in the harbour sounds pretty. Have you noticed many Maersk ships? They’re a big Danish container shipping company.

    1. Hermon Bahru

      Thanks Robbie. I’ve just googled the Maersk ships and they look familiar but I think I’ve only ever seen them from afar. They’re huge ships. You may be interested to know that there are huge problems with air pollution in Hong Kong and Maersk is in a debate with Hong Kong over tackling the smog caused by the pollution. They have requested that Hong Kong legally require ships to use higher quality oils with minimal sulfur, i.e. cleaner fuels, instead of the low quality and therefore dirty fuels that most ships are permitted to currently use. I think that Maersk have a point! The Hong Kong government should at least incentivise the use of lower sulfur content fuels.

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