4 responses to “German is so literal”

  1. Adam (Germany)

    thank you! I am studying BA English and History and this has been a huge help! I have already gotten in touch with the coordinator and it looks like if all goes to plan I will be spending my third year studying at Humboldt University of Berlin!
    Thank you for year help and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog posts!

    Adam Smith

  2. Adam (Germany)

    Hi there,
    I’m a first year student at Leicester hoping to spend my third year abroad with ERASMUS (hoping also to go to Germany), and I was just wondering if there were any specific grades you had to obtain by the end of your FIRST year before you could be allowed to study abroad (I understand that in some courses a grade of at least a 2:1 is required by the end of your SECOND year).
    Thank You
    Adam Smith

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