4 responses to “Mental Health and Year Abroad”

  1. Saiful Islam

    Hi Pouneh, it is a wonderful and informative writing. Now-a-days people are living a global life and no one knows where he may be relocated after few days for work, study or looking for better life. I am sure your experience about tackling a common problem will help a lot to other people. Please keep on writing and sharing your experience.

    1. Pouneh (Germany)

      Thank you Saiful. 🙂 It is quite a common problem and unfortunately one that people (myself included) find difficult to talk about. A major change in circumstances, such as going abroad, can upset things a lot. But I hope people reading this blog and suffering similar problems can take some strength from my experience.

  2. Viki (Germany)

    Hey Pouneh, I just wanted to say that I thought this was a really great article and I’m really glad you wrote it 🙂 I also have a problem with anxiety and I’ve found it hard at times to come up with a constant stream of enthusiasm to reassure my parents, when being on a year abroad can be really hard at times! I hope the rest of your time in Frankfurt goes well

    1. Pouneh (Germany)

      Thank you for your comment Viki. It is tough sometimes, but as I said, I am glad to have done a year abroad. I hope you feel the same way. It seems like you’re doing really well in Heidelberg and I hope you enjoy the rest of the semester too. 🙂

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