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It’s been great fun blogging , it’s a pretty strange experience , sometimes it makes you feel a bit famous, telling the internet all about your experiences and adventures, sometimes it’s more like writing a secret personal diary. It’s been a laugh , and I’m glad if my friends or family enjoying reading about my experiences, and I’d maybe hope that someday reading this might understand what a great experience it is doing Erasmus, going to Finland or just going abroad and , maybe it’d swing them towards doing it, ‘cos its great fun.

The blog ends, but life carries on, it’s been super sunny here , got a sun tan , got a German bank account, eating lots of food and barbecuing , going on holiday on Wednesday to Hamburg to explore a new German city , see a place called miniature wonderland, maybe a planetarium and maybe…see a musical. And see bloody Günter von Hagen’s body world exhibition, plastic injected corpses- so cool! Went to lakes and forests and fields this weekend, and played badminton too. I’m choosing my modules for when I’m back in England too- unfortunately I more or less missed out on the two big field trips available this year- one to the Amazon rainforest(!) and another to The Desert in America , in the West near California! Unfortunately , I was bit too late in enquiring about these ,and they already filled up , and also…not to say I wouldn’t recommend greatly going on these trips , it’s a great experience, and maybe I’m getting old and boring but…I don’t know, £1800 for a week in the Amazon/Desert? If Erasmus has shown me anything it’s that you don’t need to spend huge amounts of money to do really cool stuff and have adventures in foreign countries, you just need to be smart, to be cunning, to be willing to get up early, sleep in cars and on airport floors, have a smile on your face, fire in your heart and most of all…have “nerves” of steel. Maybe for your average waterproof trouser owning, go home every weekend Geographer, €2000 for a week in a hotel in a desert is the adventure of a lifetime, personally I reckon I could travel the world for a year for €2000, and seeing as you can get a return flight to the states for £280, I reckon I could have my own adventures in the amazon/ desert for a lot less. The value of doing high quality scientific fieldwork too shouldn’t be underestimated, but I’ve already done a bit of that, I reckon I’ll let this one slide. Maybe I’ll never ever now get to the Amazon or to America, and I’ll regret this forever, but that’s a risk I’d pay €2000 to take.

Because yeah , my blog has taken me from Sicily to Berlin to London , to Devon , to Oulu, Russia, Estonia, Sweden , Norway , Germany, back to Finland and now back to Germany, and now I’ve got a bigger prize- life in Deutschland. I’ll pop back over to blighty , finish my third year of geography (should be pretty simple, just signing some paperwork and so forth seeing as how much work I did last year), then back to Germany to start my life here as a struggling German migrant worker. It’s opened my eyes to the joys and realities of living abroad and all it entails. But yeah, you read correct- GERMAN BANK ACCOUNT. And before I got the account they asked me how long I intend to stay in Germany and I told them….FOREVER! In the course of this blog I’ve gone from stray-dog-traveller to German-work-colleague, what a change.

So, the moral of the blog is- If you want crazy adventures, to change the world and to let the world change you forever…..get out there.

And for more information about going on Erasmus and any questions relating to this or anything else, speak to the people at:

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Cameron has now graduated for the University of Leicester. I am Cameron, currently living in Oulu, Finland for my Erasmus year and studying Geography...Physical Geography (BSc) to be precise. I’ll tell you what it’s like to be me, a 3rd year geography student at the northernmost geography department in the world.

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2 responses to “The Last Post”

  1. Viki (Germany)

    I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog posts over the year, it sounds like you’ve had an amazing time abroad! I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer in Germany 🙂 x

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