So it’s been a while… In all honesty, settling back in to life in the UK has been time-consuming but I’ll save that for another time.

Something that I have desperately wanted to write about was my first time trying CHICKEN FEET. Yes, chicken, as in the bird, and their feet.

Chicken feet is a delicacy throughout China and Hong Kong. To my surprise, I even saw them being sold in little packets, like sweets in a bag and being eaten on trains. I first witnessed chicken feet in my fridge in England, before having travelled to Hong Kong. Although, it had belonged to my Chinese flatmate, it did not lessen both the surprise and repulse experienced within that moment. Seeing them in Hong Kong did not better this. There was no way I was going near these.



Chicken Feet Express!

Chicken Feet Express!

However, after ten months of experiencing far worse, I decided to give this a go. Uncannily, that very same day I made this decision, I was offered the chance to try it by some local friends. Lucky for you, we filmed the whole thing… (credit goes to Marco for filming)

MY VERDICT: it tastes good!

I made the horrible mistake of biting into the feet, but the bone gave me a nasty surprise. You have to eat the skin around the bone which is marinated and cooked in a flavoured sauce. The skin becomes soft, puffy and flavoursome as a result. This is why it tastes so good.

I would definitely recommend trying this delicacy. For those keen to try to this at home, here’s a link to some chicken feet recipes:


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