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Hello! I’m Karolina and I have just finished my second year as a Spanish and English student, which, so far, has been an amazing experience! I’m very honoured to have been chosen to represent my University by writing this blog, and I really hope to give you a good insight into my life as I will extent my journey to another land – Spain! Although I have not quite decided whether I will attend University or whether I will be teaching English as a foreign language, I know I will be doing this in gorgeous Andalucía, in southern Spain (I’m hoping for a good tan!).

My family originates from Poland, but have settled in a small village in Kent. So for me, the step of moving from countryside to a big city was enormous. I stared in confusion as people told me Leicester was relatively small, but I quickly settled in very well! Everyone here is very friendly and although it can seem vast for someone like me, who comes from a smaller place, settling in is made easy when the community is so especially welcoming. Although I have revered the experience of living in Halls, I’ve found second year to be even more fun! I enjoyed living with my much loved friends and they really made me feel like part of a ‘uni family’. The atmosphere was even more homely than in my first year. And that’s why I’m all the more sad to leave them behind and begin my year abroad; as exciting as it is, I will be missing them a lot! But we pledged to Skype and speak a lot, so hopefully that will ease my way into living so far from family, friends and of course my beloved dog, Indie!

Me with my lovely housemates


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Hello, my name is Karrie and I’m a third year Modern Languages student. I love animals, books and all things vintage!

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