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So just a brief introduction from me for now, but you will be hearing more from me very soon as this is a short blog post.


My name is Courtney and I’ve just completed my second year of American Studies with a Year Abroad and I’m having a pretty fantastic time at the University of Leicester. Whilst here I’ve got involved in almost any opportunity that the university has to provide; from the Leicester Award for Employability offered by the Careers Service to getting involved with the Committee of the Curry Society I’ve got a lot of experience of the University and the Students Union to share with you. I like to think I’m also a friendly and approachable person, so if you’ve got any questions about any aspect of Leicester (the University or the City) just let me know and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


Outside of University, I’m a very nerdy person and spend most of my spare time reading or watching films and television. I come from a small town near the seaside and I do tend to miss the beach when I’m in Leicester, I also miss my sixteen-year-old cat Fluffy (and my family and friends obviously).


Cutie – My cat Fluffy in a festive mood.

This coming year I’ll be blogging from the University of Texas in Arlington on my year abroad, but in order to stop you all getting too jealous of the sunshine and deep-fried food I’ll talk about Leicester a lot too. I fly out in mid-August and as you can imagine I’m very nervous, but I’m also very excited to spend the year emersed in a new culture and making new friends. These were two of my favourite things about first year at University, and I’m looking forward to getting to go through such an exciting thing again, it really will be like doing first year twice.

C'est Moi

Poser – This is what I look like.

So now, I’ve got to dash to catch the end of the Serena Williams match at Wimbledon on the TV!

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About Courtney

My name is Courtney and I've just finished my second year of my four year degree in American Studies. I'll be blogging from America whilst on my year abroad, but I'll be writing mostly about Leicester and what fantastic opportunities are available.

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