Top Tips For a Great Holiday Away From Uni

If you’ve moved away from your hometown like me, you may become struck with the student’s greatest enemy: boredom. Without your friends at hand, and with not much studying to do, life at home can become a little dull. Here’s how to make the best of your time away from University:

  1. Get a job. Getting a job or an internship has to be the number one most productive thing you can do with your time. You gain valuable experience and money (which is so important for your year abroad!) and your time is filled up. It’s undoubtedly a win win situation. Try applying for internships online, and simply pop into your local pubs and shops with your CV in hand. You are sure to find something, even if it isn’t perhaps your dream job!
  2. Volunteer. Another way to get experience if you haven’t managed to find work is to simply volunteer. Your choices range from the local animal shelter to domestic abuse centre. You can find experience to suit your future career, or try something totally new! The choice is yours.
  3. Join a gym. If you have a lot of free time on your hands, why not invest it in your health (if you don’t already do so)? After so much snacking and inactivity during exams, I’ve found joining a gym helped me get fitter and lose all that energy I’ve been storing up inside. If there’s no local gym around, you can always put on your joggers and head outside into the fresh air!
  4. DIY Projects. There are a lot of interesting tutorials on the internet for new garden pots, pillows, candles… whatever your heart desires! It’s a fun way to gain new skills and impress your friends and family. Who knows, you may discover a passion which will change your life…?
  5. A new hobby. What is that one thing which you’ve been yearning to do for months or years? Pottery class? Makeup artist course? Maybe cooking lessons? Check out if any of these courses offer diplomas too. Your CV will look great with all these extra hobbies; employers love well-rounded individuals with varied interests.

Until next time!

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