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Hello friends!

I would like to dedicate this post to anybody who is going into University this year as a Fresher! If we rewind two years (doesn’t feel like it at all!), I was doing just the same thing: flicking through the websites, wondering desperately if I will find a single soul to speak to.

But let me comfort you, one way or another, you will find friends; probably some of which you will stay in contact with all your life.

But as I look back, I wish I stopped worrying about silly things I had no control over (God, what if the canteen cooks don’t use free range eggs?!) and actually put my thoughts into something more productive. And by this I mean something along the lines of “bringing a collection of things rather than everything I can get my hands on, so that I do not end up drowning in endless piles of stuff”. But of course, I had to worry about the eggs instead.

If you will live in a self-catered flat/house, I suggest trying to get in contact with your future housemates, or at least waiting after you move in before you purchase all the kitchen essentials. Otherwise you may find your kitchen usefully having six cheese graters, six sets of exactly the same sized pans, six toasters… you get my drift. While you will certainly not be lacking, you may have trouble containing all your “essentials”. Perhaps planning is the best way to go here!

Another thing which I’d advise is to consider exactly what you need for your room. Sure, photos and posters will add to your room and make it feel homely. But do you really need your primary school memoirs with you? I am constantly battling between my sentimentality and love for order and tidiness, so I certainly understand the struggle! But when we packed our big car and I saw ornamentals and yearbooks bursting out of the windows, a thought did cross my mind telling me that, yes, I may have overdone it this time.

But please remember, even if you were as disorganised as me, that will not stop you having a wonderful time! But before you go, enjoy the rest of your holidays and indulge your hobbies. I certainly have!


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