Top 5 strange Spanish habits we sometimes fail to understand

Hello all! I know that everyone has now started studying again, and for those of you abroad, good luck settling in. I want to dedicate this post to the lovely city of Granada, and what I have learnt so far of Spanish culture. Every country has its perks but Spain’s culture seems boundlessly surprising. Here are top five weirdest aspects of this beautiful (and strange) country:

  1. The “mañana” attitude. You’ve likely heard of this one. The Spanish are not very keen on doing anything too quickly. Every time I pop into the school office, bank, post office with any query, no matter how urgent, they will sort it out… mañana. Good luck with that paperwork, all you future Spaniards out there. After all, they will do it, just mañana.
  2. Siesta. So if you’ve never been to Spain, you may want to prepare for the fact that all shops are closed from 2pm until around 5pm. For many Britons this is the prime shopping time, so it may be worth keeping in mind. But to those who love late night shopping, Spain is your destination!
  3. Staring. You may think this is an odd point to comment on, but here it seems to be absolutely acceptable to stare at people shamelessly, especially if you are an obviously foreign pale blonde. So if you experience this don’t be disheartened; lean back, relax, and prepare for the staring contest. Someone will have to lower their gaze!
  4. Interesting hairstyles. Many Spaniards choose to proudly sport mullets, several lone dreadlocks, moustaches… It’s all part of the experience, but don’t forget to photograph the best specimens!
  5. Magic words are not a thing in Spain. Of course, at first I attempted asking for hot chocolate in my pleasing high voice (“I would like a hot chocolate please”) until I realised I sound absolutely ridiculous. They prefer a snappy “dame un chocolate” to all our elaborate please and thank you’s.

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