Thanksgiving and Black Friday, oh my!

So this past Thursday in America was Thanksgiving. It’s a holiday in which Americans give thanks for the things they have, and have gained in the past year, that has complex and contested historical origins. I was lucky enough to be invited to a friend’s house to celebrate Thanksgiving with her wonderful family, and I think that’s what I was most thankful for. To have met Taylor, and for the kindness and love that so many people in Texas have shown to me in the three months I have been here, including her family who opened their home to me and made me delicious food.


We had the traditional thanksgiving fare of Turkey, Ham, green bean casserole, stuffing (sometimes also called dressing, different to British stuffing but nice all the same), sweet potato and marshmallow casserole (Nice but very sweet to me, more like a desert than a vegetable side dish) and mashed potato. This was covered in gravy (brown not white!) and followed by Pecan, Pumpkin and Apple Pie. I think I’m still full just thinking about all the food I ate! It was a very family-oriented occasion, and despite the fact I felt very welcome, seeing Taylor’s family gathered around made me miss my family more even though the festivities were a welcome distraction.


I even braved “Black Friday” shopping on Thursday night, and it was nothing like I expected. The mall was virtually empty except a short line outside one or two of the more popular shops. I’d already done a lot of shopping since I got here, and I’m ever more worried about my suitcase not being big enough to get everything home so I was very restrained and only bought a few small things. Still it’s nice to be able to say I’ve done Black Friday shopping and made it out unscathed.


Thanksgiving is another one of the all-American experiences I wanted to have whilst here in Texas, and it did not disappoint. Now it’s over, everywhere over here has gone into Christmas mode which is making it increasingly hard for me to concentrate on work when all I want to do is lay in bed watching Christmas movies with some hot chocolate. I’m very excited to have finally finished all my reading for the semester and just have one paper and finals to go before I can escape to California to see my family and get some sun (it’s actually very cold and very rainy in North Texas right now, which I didn’t think I’d signed up for). Then on New Year’s Eve I’ll be re-united with my parents after four long months. So excited!

Keep pushing kids, not long left until the end of the semester!

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