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So today marks the start of the first full week of the semester, with last Monday being Martin Luther King Day which is a public holiday here in the US to celebrate the life and legacy of the titan of American and world history. However, seeing as I only have Tuesday-Thursday classes this semester, it actually marks the start of my second full week of classes so I thought I’d write a little update about the academic side of my life here at UT Arlington.


I’m taking three classes plus an independent study this semester. My three classes focus on popular culture, urban history and elections. This is a departure from almost anything I’ve studied before (with the exception of urban history) and I’m really looking forward to a bit more diversity in my classes compared to last semester. One of the things I most love about my American Studies course at the University of Leicester is the freedom to study across disciplines, however last semester I ended up taking four history classes which got a bit much toward the end of the term. So it will be nice to get back into interdisciplinary working this semester, with the classes on pop culture and politics. My first assignment is due February 9th, so it’s not long until the semester really gets going. So far the classes all seem very interesting, and even the assignments seem like they will be more engaging and varied than last semester. The one thing I am worried about is the lack of research papers, a core component of assignments in Leicester, as I don’t want to end up losing the skill of academic writing.


Outside of classes I’m truly going to be kept busy this semester; I’ve got myself a part-time job in an office on campus and have become a volunteer Leaders Educating About Diversity (L.E.A.D) ambassador which will involve meetings, running and organizing workshops, and generally getting involved with the Multicultural Affairs department in the Division of Student Affairs. On top of this I’m also continuing my involvement with the Model United Nations, and will be attending two conferences this semester. One is run by University of California, Berkley and will take place in San Francisco and the other by Oklahoma University which will take place in Norman. So I’m excited for all the amazing opportunities coming up and the challenges of the upcoming semester. (Although looking at my diary for March makes me feel stressed and exhausted already).


I’ve also planned my return home, with a week with my family in Canada between the end of school and returning to the UK in mid-May, and I’ve got the longer break of Spring Break to plan for.
So anyone who wants to contribute to comments

– What are you most looking forward to this term or semester?
– What’s the most challenging thing you’ve got to face this semester?

Until next time

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