Exams are coming

This coming Monday, I will be sitting my first exam and I am not ready. In Leicester, we have the month of April off to prepare for our exams in May/June but in Strasbourg they give you one week off in the middle of exams before proceeding with more exams. So the week of 11th to 17th April will be my week off whilst my exams starts on the 4th of April. This gives me no time to revise as I still have lectures. Whilst having to revise for my exams I still have to do work for my seminars, I don’t understand how they expect me to pass.

So in order to make sure that I don’t over stress about a situation that I have no control over, I’ve decided to take a deep breath and write a list of how I’m going to cope.

  • Make a revision timetable for my exams: this will enable me to plan out all the key content that I need to know for the exams and focus on them because I won’t be able to revise everything as I don’t have the time.
  • Find out when all my exams are: Only some of the exam dates have been released and not the ones at the end of the month. This means I have no idea when those exams will be and so I don’t know what to revise and when, I guess I just have to do a bit of each module. I miss Leicester and their personalised exam timetable. In Strasbourg, I have to search for it myself and the university does not even inform you that the exam dates are up or where to find them. This is why it pays to be friends with the native students in the class.
  • Do my best with what I’ve got. I don’t expect to get good marks so my aim is to pass. I know with the time that I’ve been given passing is all that I can achieve and I’m not going to stress myself out trying to get the highest mark.

So wish me luck.

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Hey, my name is Khadija, I am an English and History undergraduate student. I will be blogging about my year abroad in France. I am obsessed with History, especially Medieval History and love to read, hence the English half of my degree. Throughout the year I’ll be keeping you updated on all the excitements of living abroad, the differences and similarities to Leicester , and all the things I’ll learn living abroad.

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