So I’ve finally finished my year abroad, and I’ve not really had time to do much reflection because I’ve been so busy unpacking and getting myself ready for work. So I decided to take a few minutes today and actually reflect on my year abroad, the good, the bad and the amazing.

I have grown a lot since going to France, in so many ways. I am now wiser, I have a better relationship with God, I have better friends, and I’m more aware of things that I would never have otherwise noticed. I can understand, read and write French, and if I force myself, I can speak French. And something that a lot of people have noticed is that I’m more confident now. After living in a foreign country by yourself, having to open a bank account in a language you barely spoke, your confidence grows. I am so glad that I did my year abroad.

The not so wonderful thing about my year abroad is that I expect more from my relationships, from friends to boyfriends, I now expect more because I know what I want and I don’t compromise. Now that I’m back, and seeing all the friends I left behind, I’m wondering why I’m friends with some of them. It’s not that they are bad people, it’s just that I want more out of friendships. Conversations about boys and TV shows are not enough. I want depth, I want to be able to discuss politics and our purpose on earth. I want to discuss religion and race and homosexuality. I want to discuss real things that people face, not who is dating who. I mean I don’t mind discussing that, but it can’t be all we discuss.

I went away and I changed, and now I’m back and not everyone has had the same experience and I feel so out of place sometimes. Like I’m the only one in on a private joke. I guess I’ll get used to being back and adjust, just like I did in France. I’ll keep all that I’ve learnt and continue to grow.

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Hey, my name is Khadija, I am an English and History undergraduate student. I will be blogging about my year abroad in France. I am obsessed with History, especially Medieval History and love to read, hence the English half of my degree. Throughout the year I’ll be keeping you updated on all the excitements of living abroad, the differences and similarities to Leicester , and all the things I’ll learn living abroad.

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