Referendum Day

So today is the day. The day we’ve all been stressing about, the day to finally decide whether we leave or stay. As I wrote in my previous blog, I am 100% remain, yes I know that the EU is not perfect, but the UK is better off in the EU.

So today has been a good day for me because a lot of my friends voted according to their Facebook status. And there is nothing I love more than people who vote, people who use their democratic voice to have their say. And what makes me even happier is that most of them voted to remain in the EU!!! Whoohoo!!! And what’s even better is all the funny and pro-EU status I’ve been reading. I feel so proud of my generation.

So the funniest status by far was by friend who posted a pic of a tweet that said:

“Britain don’t play yourself, you aren’t the Beyoncé of the EU. Your solo career is very uncertain”

This is so true, because Britain thinks it can be great again, and let’s be honest, Britain hasn’t been great since colonisation. And since that’s not coming back, leaving the EU won’t make Britain great.

Another funny status, which everyone who read Lord of the Flies in High School will understand was

“I’m voting IN, I’ve read Lord of the flies, I know what happens when you get stuck on an island with pig fixated public school boys”

It is also important to remember that the EU is not the cause of Britain’s shortcomings, it is our government. And this was put very well by someone else who said:

“Dear England, You voted for cuts. You got cuts. That’s why you can’t get a GP appointment, not because of Hungarians. Vote #Remain”

All these posts have lifted my spirit during such an important moment in History. I hope and pray that Britain stays in the EU. #Remain!

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