Staying Hopeful

I think at the time like this, a time where terrorist attacks seem to happen on a weekly basis it is very important that we stay positive. Both as individuals and as a society. I think that giving into the hate and violence will make us just as bad as them. And we will be giving them exactly what they want, which is the destruction of society.

Today as part of my job at the NHS, I went to a Prevent training, which is training designed to help NHS employees be more aware of extremism and how to fight it. The aim of the training was not to label all Muslims as terrorist, but to show how each and every one of us is susceptible to extremism, from environmental extremism to religious extremism. The most important lesson that I learnt from the session is that we are all so vulnerable, in fact more vulnerable than we think. It is easy to question how someone could be so cruel as to kill innocent people when you are surrounded by love and support. But for those who are isolated and have no one, and someone who appears to be a friend takes interest in them and makes them feel important, makes them feel like they have a purpose. It is easy for that person to risk everything for that one person that they can call friend.

So in times like this, when all we can think about is ‘it could’ve been me’, we should think about others. We should think about those who are at the edge of society because they are the most vulnerable. We should go out of our way to make people feel included and loved. Because we could be saving not just their lives, but ours as well.

Let us go out and be better, and be more hopeful and more loving, that way we can ensure that terrorism never wins.

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