One day winter itinerary in Amsterdam, on a budget.


There’s so much to do in Amsterdam it’s difficult to decide what to do and when, especially when you’re potentially only there for a few days nor are you made of money. So, I decided to create a one- day itinerary that you could use for a visit here that won’t break the bank!





1. For me, I’d skip breakfast and head straight for Vondelpark


Vondelpark is a large, beautiful park just outside of Central Amsterdam. Wrap up (it’s colder and rains here more than England, something I’ve recently discovered) and keep warm with your drink and have a peaceful walk through the park towards the centre as it’s only about a 15 minute walk!



2. After, I’d recommend walking through to Mueseumplein as it’s on the way into the centre


Museumplein, believe it or not, is named because it has several museums located in it (Van Gogh, Moco for example), but it has a lovely open piece of grassy area and quite often has a few little market stalls and waffle vans to have a look at. It is here also, that the best IAmsterdam sign is located, so you can take some time to take some cliche tourist photos and generally admire the area- in particular the beautiful Rijksmuseum.

The walk from Mueseumplein to the centre is very lovely, you’ll go past some really pretty canals as well as some cute shops you can have a browse in. You will likely come across some free art galleries to pop into.






3. You’ll probably be hungry and a bit chilly by this point so lunch is next on the agenda.


If you’re looking to save money, opt for a cheaper lunch and save your cash for nicer, sit down meal for dinner. Personally, I always go for ‘Wok to Walk’ for a cheaper, but still warm and filling lunch. They’re located all over Amsterdam so you’re bound to find one. Or something like a subway that you can grab on the go whilst you’re walking through Amsterdam.


4. After a quick lunch I have to recommend visiting the Botanical Gardens located near Rembrandtplein.

Though in Winter the outside area is not in flower, it was a lot bigger than I thought and a student ticket is only €5! The inside areas were so interesting and it definitely exceeded my expectations. It’ll take you around an hour to walk around and it really is a nice little stop off and it has a cute cafe too!


5. Next, I’d say have a wander down the road to have a look at Dam Square and from there, Kalverstraat – the main shopping street.


Dam square is not to be missed upon visiting Amsterdam, it’s really pretty and photogenic! The main shopping street, Kalverstraat is just off here so take some time to have a look in some of the shops. Warning, it’s always, very busy.



6. It’ll be around dinner time now, and luckily around Dam Square there are so many restaurants.


Pizza is really popular in Amsterdam, there are sooo many Italian restaurants! There is one just off Dam square that I always visit. I am unable to find the name of it but it’s easy to find and besides, there are so many restaurants it’s not a problem finding one.



7. After a nice sit down meal, I’d say its time to make the most of winter in Amsterdam!

Head back to Museumplein and you’ll find an outdoor ice rink. They set it up every year- I went several years ago and will be returning again this winter! It’s on from December – March and from what  I remember it’s a really reasonable price.


8. Time for some drinks perhaps?


I won’t go into too much detail about where to go for some nice drinks because you can see my favourite places in one of my most recent posts! However I will add a recent discovery, 24K Karaoke Bar is just off Rembrandtsquare and you don’t even need to go up and sing, you can sing with a microphone (or not) from the comfort of your seat!




Of course, there is so much to do in Amsterdam, thus much more things to choose from, however what I’ve suggested works out at a pretty nice, full day!





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