Exams in the Netherlands

I’ve discussed the Dutch timetable a few times but right now, my entire life is just about exams so I’m not really feeling inspired to write about anything else. You basically have exams looming CONSTANTLY, which for anybody is bad, but a stress- head like myself? It is definitely not healthy for me. It’s period two in the NL at the moment, meaning exams are just around the corner, again (two weeks away!) and I have to say, I am beyond stressed. I don’t think I’ll be leaving the campus in the next two weeks at all, so apologies if my posts for the next few weeks are a bit dry.


I’ve already complained about the Dutch university system but honestly, if nothing else, it’s made me appreciate Leicester so much more. The system in Leicester just gives you so much more flexibility and ability to keep on top of work! I suppose I am just used to it, so I’m comfortable with it. However not only this, I’ve noticed that you get no guidance whatsoever here. I have an exam in two weeks and we have still, not been told how the exam will be set out or what the questions are like. It’s like they’re setting us up to fail! We cram an entire modules work into six weeks and then we are expected to structure our revision with no idea what the exam will be like!? I just don’t think its the most efficient way to go about university, personally.


I guess all I can do is try my best and work hard for the next two weeks. I have Christmas at home to look forward to-I’ve never been away from home for this long in my entire life!


I have to say, this ‘studying’ business, is really getting in the way of my year abroad! Once exams are done, my posts will be more interesting and helpful again!

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