A new year in the Netherlands: Goals? Resolutions? #2

I thought I’d post the second part of my resolutions for 2018!

  1. Gym/eating healthy:

It’s a cliche one but I’ve been into fitness and healthy eating for I’d say around three years. I love the gym and eating well but I do think my nutrition could be more filled with whole foods! And making an effort to eat more fruit! Although I’ve mentioned before that I think fruit is quite expensive in this country sadly, but now I buy two different fruits a week and just buy whatever is on offer that week! More nutrients and keeping the cost down. I’d recommend anybody to really make an effort with healthy living, it really does make me a much happier person. I’m also trying to make an effort to get outside and go for walks in the local park that I’ve just discovered around here!


2. Explore the city more on weekends – make use of the things available

Similar to my last part to this post, I said I’d become a bit of a hermit and it’s true, and I feel I hadn’t been taking full advantage of being in Amsterdam. WELL I’ve created a bucketlist for Amsterdam 2018 specifically and I intend to tick them all off! I might share at the end of the year if I’ve been somewhat successful in completing them!


3. Stop comparing your year abroad to others

I intend to make an entire post on this, so I won’t go into detail here, but it’s something that’s affected me so much since being here and I know others too so it’s definitely a resolution of mine!



2018 is the year of happiness.

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