What have I been up to in Amsterdam? #3

Tuesday 9th January 2018


So I arrived back in Amsterdam after Christmas with the aim of trying to make the most of Amsterdam as I felt like up until this point, I hadn’t been, namely I felt I had been lazy in making an effort to go into the city centre!


I’d been sat in my room reading all day last Tuesday dying to get out of my flat so I decided to message my friends asking if they wanted to head into the centre. We decided we’d go for a few drinks.


We immediately went towards Rembrandt Square, as it’s my favourite square in Amsterdam.


  • Stop one: Bruincafe (Rembrandt Square). This was a new bar for me, it seems that more Dutch than tourists go in here as they had a lot of Dutch music on and quite a lot of Dutch people! It is probably the cheapest bar in Rembrandt Square that I’ve been to. It’s small, but cosy inside and the staff were really lovely.



  • Stop two: Then we went to a second bar, Titus Parilla just diagonally opposite from Bruincafe so also in Rembrandt Square. It sounded lively so we thought we’d try it. This was once again, very Dutch. We didn’t really know the music and it was very busy so we didn’t stop for long. But perhaps if you don’t want to feel like a tourist you may pop in here?



  • Stop three24K Karaoke was the next bar we went to. I’d been here before so I suggested we try it. It was pretty empty when we went in around 9pm but then became busy from 11pm onwards! I do really like this bar, you don’t have to sing you can just sit and ‘enjoy’ the other people singing. However after a few drinks my friend and I did have a go (S Club 7 and Shania Twain…).



  • Stop four: After, I convinced my friends to go to a fourth bar, Smokey Club, even though we all agreed we wouldn’t have a late night (always the way, right?) This is as it suggests, more of a club than a bar. I wouldn’t rave about this club really, we stayed for a couple of hours but I don’t think I’d choose this particular club to go to. I’d say it’s just a little stop off or if you fancy a boogey!



  • Stop five: Then, before we realised it was 3am and the Night Bus (which i’m so thankful for and every city should have one) saved us from having to pay the outrageous taxi costs in the Netherlands! However, as the bus only comes once an hour, we stopped off at McDonalds (of course) and Museumplein and for some reason, decided to have photos by the IAmsterdam sign.



Also, the Amsterdam Light Festival is currently on, so that was a nice surprise to enjoy as we walked around! You can get canal tours to view this but I have heard its a waste of money, you can easily just walk by the canals at your own pace for free!







Thursday 18th January

  • On thursday, my friend found out about this cute and quirky event held by Ace and Tate (the glasses company). It was a ‘closing’ party of the Light Festival. They had a few art pieces and free vodka so it was a good night all round! It was just the kind of quirky thing I expected the be doing whilst in Amsterdam!




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