Stop comparing YOUR year abroad to other people’s year abroad

I don’t know what’s happened since I came back after Christmas, but I have been pretty much genuinely really happy and content and yes, whilst the improved weather has helped a lot, I think it has a lot to do with my attitude. I’ve made a conscious effort to just not compare my year abroad to others. Granted, sometimes I’ll still do it but generally I’m much better and sometimes will out-loud, tell myself to stop.



I kept thinking I ‘‘should” be doing this or that, should be having a better time but the plain fact is, your life isn’t their life and never will be. Sure, some people may go travelling around Europe more than you (something I’ve been feeling quite jealous over), but I know I have my entire life to do that anyway, so I just have that to look forward to and instead, will make the most of the opportunities I have closer to my (already amazing opportunity) year abroad home in Amsterdam! And as we all know, social media has the power to make things look even more amazing than they may actually be.



Your year abroad is a study abroad year, so it can’t always be fun and games anyway, and besides that can get exhausting. You do have to actually study and attend university, do the food shopping, do the cleaning and what not – but being independent is a nice thing in itself. Try and see the positives in most things.



I have to admit, the weather has really picked up. We’ve had blue skies for almost two weeks straight and it has picked my mood up dramatically. I’ve already tried to get out as much as possible and it’s been exciting to make plans for summer for when the temperature actually increases too!




If you ever feel like you’re not having the best time, you’re living abroad, that in itself is an amazing thing. 

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