What have I been up to in Amsterdam? #4

12th – 15th January 2018

There are definitely pros and cons to long distant relationships but a pro is definitely that you treat every visit like a mini-holiday. We always end up spending to much, but money is there to be spent, right? This weekend we investigated some new bars, and ended up getting a steak and chips for 17 euros at The Old Bell – highly recommend. It’s an English bar so if you are missing British meals, you can come here! I also discovered   – bars and food (amstel park etc)



23rd January 2018

This evening was wonderful! On campus, there is a beer pong tournament generally once a month (just one of the many fun things we do!) A lot of my friends enter and there’s always a really good vibe! My friends came second overall, managing to get to the final but losing just, but it was still fun nonetheless. The winner gets 100 euros and second place gets a bit bottle of spirits!

After the tournament finished at around 11pm/12am, we headed to Melkweg for a Techno Tuesday night. Melkweg is one of Amsterdam’s best clubs, it’s located near Leidseplein and Techno Tuesday is a free entry night! You have to visit Melkweg atleast once if you’re in Amsterdam that’s for sure. And the drinks aren’t too pricey.




25th January 2018

You may remember a few months ago I posted about the Polo weekend held in Museumplein? Well, whilst there we saw an advert for ‘Jumping Amsterdam’. My friend and I do like horses and so I investigated. Horse shows are generally quite pricey, like £80-100 per ticket so I didn’t have much hope. But to my surprise, an all- day ticket for Thursday was just £15- I was astonished, and of course immediately purchased a ticket for my friend and I. I have to say it was SO fun, of course you kind of have to be into horses to enjoy this but I’m just showing how much variety of things there are to do in this city! Honestly I’m always up to different things!




27th January 2018

Since moving here, I’ve always had a bit of an issue because I generally didn’t get a good group of flatmates. Not that they’re horrible people or anything, they just don’t socialise much so that has definitely been an issue. However, since the start of semester two, we had two three new housemates move in and the remaining housemates have all stepped up their game a bit. We do a lot more things as a flat now which is so nice. On this day, I offered to cook for everybody – my specialty, burritos! They went down a treat and it was nice to just chill with my flatmates.




I’m very excited, the weather has been so good the past two weeks! so all I’m thinking about is summer.

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