Getting a job during your study abroad in the Netherlands

When I first started my year abroad I said to myself that I wouldn’t get a job because I just wanted to focus on having fun and making memories this year! However once Christmas was done, I found myself with little money – not having money to go on trips didn’t sound like fun, and after a couple of my friends had gotten a job I decided I should atleast try.

But where to apply?


As I have tonnes of experience working in supermarkets in England, a supermarket was the obvious choice. Obviously, if you don’t have relevant experience then I’d say your best bet is to go into the centre of Amsterdam and apply in any kind of tourist shop – I was shocked when I moved here and saw so many ‘vacancies’ signs in shops – an abundance of part time jobs unlike in England where it’s near enough impossible to get a job! I personally was too lazy to apply for a job all the way in the centre but instead I found so many vacancies (I’m talking hundreds!) at both Jumbo and Albert Heijn in my local area. I applied for about 20 for each store but sadly got let down by all due to the reasoning that I don’t speak Dutch – fair enough. This is particularly why applying for jobs in the centre is more promising – so many english speaking tourists! They’d be way more flexible and may even prefer you to speak english. Perhaps try Irish bars as the staff are either Irish and English!


I did hear off one of the vacancies at Albert Heijn I applied for and it was once just a five minute cycle from my home here. I went to the interview and they were really impressed but again, said because I don’t speak Dutch I cannot work as a cashier- again, fair enough, but I could work before opening hours. I took the job.


I may have to get up at 4am 3 days a week but I am a morning person and it means my whole day is mine! I just have to make myself go to bed a bit earlier.


One thing I’ve noticed about all the supermarkets here, not just Albert Heijn is that they’re so relaxed in their uniform. You don’t have to wear ‘proper’ trousers or shoes, I can wear my jeans and trainers and just wear my work shirt! Love it.


Another job I recommend trying is Oudermatch. It’s an online website that you apply to, to offer your babysitting services! I did sign up to this but soon got the job at Albert Heijn but my two friends did get regular babysitting jobs out of it! You set your own rate, your own profile, what age group you are comfortable with, how many children you can cope with, the jobs you’re willing to do (e.g light cooking, cleaning) and how many miles you’re willing to travel! Definitlemy worth a shot if you don’t mind looking after children. I think often as well, the parents quite like an english speaker as it will only benefit the childs english speaking too!

I definitely recommend getting a job whilst on your year abroad if you need the extra financial assistance! But also, it’ll reflect well on you in the future for having such initiative to get a year abroad and I’ve even picked up some more Dutch!

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