Taking full advantage of the sun in the Netherlands

When I was researching the NL after thinking of studying abroad it, I came accross a website that claimed that Dutch people utilise the sun. It doesn’t come out much in the NL, but when it does, the Dutch take full advantage of this and get outside. I can most definitiely confirm this. Just like in Britain, the NL have had about 2/3 of beautiful and boiling hot weather and I have been busy doing so many outdoor things…




  1. Amsterdam Bos

If you do study at the VU, you will most likely live on or near the student accommodation I have stayed in and five minutes away is a stunning park called Amsterdam Bos. I am sad I only just discovered this only one month ago, but I guess it was too cold then to enjoy it anyway. I have spent several evenings and days here recently – if the sun comes out in the NL, the bikinis come out! Sunbathers everywhere. BBQs everywhere – it’s a wonderful vibe, much nicer than in England! There is a netted off bit of the lake in Bos where you can safely swim and you can also rent a pedalo or canoe for just 6 euros – I rented a pedalo and it was so fun and I got to see even more of the park. In Bos, there are also horse hacks if you’re able to ride a horse competently anyway!



2. Beaches

My friend said to me the other day that the NL has everything accept mountains. It’s true and I recently discovered the many gorgeous beaches they have here. Due to the NL’s small size, I have a beach 30 mins away from me, I hadn’t been to a beach in years so the fact I have gone three times in two months is delightful! My favourite is Zandvoort – there are loads of bars on the beach to get dinner or a drink and there are so many happy dogs running about having a good time!



3. Film in het park

I feel like I spoke about this at the start of the year, but in the summer, Amsterdam’s Vondelpark shows films on a screen in the park! I went to one last September and had a lovely time. It’s free, they provide blankets and I just bought one drink and it was such a different but enjoyable evening.



4. BBQs

Mentioned already but wow, the Dutch love a good BBQ and everybody gets in on it. The grassy area on my campus is completley full every evening when it’s over 20 degrees- and often when it’s less. There is a permanent built in BBQ on campus but many other students also have their own too.



5. Swimming

Being able to use nature like this is something we aren’t able to experience in England, or atleast the places I’ve been/live in. I found it crazy that we weren’t allowed to swim in a lake or have a BBQ in the park for health and safety reasons and I will be sad to have to go back to that!




Summer in the Netherlands is delightful; so much to do and occupy yourself with!

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