What do the British do better than the Dutch?

So after my first post about what ‘the Dutch do better’, here is the second part – where I will list what I think Britain got right!


1. More and longer university holidays: When I arrived here and learned that you only get two weeks off at Christmas and summer and that’s it, I was in shock. Whilst I do think we have too much time off in England, you just do not get a break here, and with your modules and the exams being crammed into just seven weeks, it is quite exhausting. I wouldn’t want to do my full bachelors here…


2. Cheaper alcohol: The Netherlands in general is more expensive, but the cost of a pint in Amsterdam is outrageous and the price of spirits is simply unaffordable for any normal student! I look forward to being able to go to the pub with £10 for the entire night – you can only get one pint in Amsterdam for 10 euros


3. Food selection in supermarkets: Yeah the supermarkets here are tinyyyyy compared to what we’re used to in the UK! Which obviously means the food selection is far smaller. It’s been good because I’ve actually tried far more foods this year but I am looking forward to the food in England!


4. Manners/Politness: We’re known in the UK as being very polite, probably too polite, so whilst I’m not saying the Dutch are rude in general- by our standards, they can be quite blunt and seemingly rude. I often get quite offended by their tone of voice and use of words but then I just remind myself that we say ‘sorry’ when we haven’t done anything and say ‘thank you’ a thousand, unnecessary times.


5. Personal space: Somewhat similar to the above point, but it seems that the Dutch do not have a sense of personal space. They will just barge into you or if you’re queueing, they’ll be right up behind you leaving no room to spare. My British friend and I both noticed this, so I asked a Dutch person if it was a thing. Apparently it is.Beauty products


6. Beauty products: Similar to the lack of food selection, the make-up and beauty product selection is very limited here! Dutch people are generally known to wear a lot of make-up. Though this has benefitted me has now I wear less make- up!




So that’s six things that I think the British got right! I might do another post like this if I think of more. 

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2 responses to “What do the British do better than the Dutch?”

  1. Leon

    Cool blog, funny how you said the UK are too polite as I’ve been too a few countries abroad and found we say sorry and thank you wayy too often as well, lol

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