My First Post! Preparing for Study Abroad.

Hey guys, so I thought I’d start my blogging experience with talking about how I’ve been preparing for my Study Abroad year in Australia and what the whole process has been like!

Since term ended and all the stress of trying to make my house presentable enough to get at least some of my deposit back was over, I thought that I would be able to relax slightly because all my thousands of essays had been handed in! How wrong I was…I came home from uni the day after the Summer Jam – which was actually awesome because I won an inflatable sword AND chocolate on the fairground games, which I consider to be a massive success – had a nice relaxing weekend with my family, and then went straight into work on the next monday.  This wasn’t the most exciting thing to do, but as amazing as I know Studying Abroad is going to be, it is expensive – especially as I decided to take my year out in Australia, which is not known for being cheap!

Although it meant I’ve had quite a hectic life since the end of term, I’ve actually really enjoyed my brief stint as a working woman (though I did not enjoy the 6am wake up calls as I am not a morning person at all).  I always think that if you’re not enjoying a job and your having a terrible time there then its probably not worth the money you’re earning – but luckily mine was great and I stuck at it and have subsequently been able to fund practically buying an entirely new Australia-proof wardrobe.

As well as working pretty much full time, I’ve also had to be doing all the admin for the application process, flights, visa, accommodation, etc, which is a lot of stuff to handle.  What’s really useful though is keeping in close contact with your Department Study Abroad Coordinator and the Study Abroad team as they are so helpful if you get stuck – its also nice to have support from your parents as I think I would potentially have gone insane without them helping me out every now and then.

So basically, there’s a lot of stuff to sort out and it can get quite stressful (and expensive), but as I’ve wanted to do a year abroad since the beginning of my degree, I was somewhat prepared for all this chaos and it really helps you to decide whether you truly want to go abroad for a year or whether you just like the idea of it.  I know there are some parts of this year that are gonna suck, such as being away from my family and friends (and cat) for so long (and the fact that I am literally the palest person on the planet and I’m going to Australia) but I know that it will be worth it and an experience that I am going to love and never forget, so I feel like its definitely worth a small amount of stress and 6am wake up calls.

I fly out in less than a week so there’s a 99% chance that my next blog will be written while I sit in my nice air conditioned dorm room hiding from the wayyyyy too hot sun.

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  1. Dexter

    Your experience matter more than you think, because there is no other way learn and what a best guided is all about is experience.

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