Differences between Leicester and Flinders!

One of the major differences between Leicester and Flinders is size, I think this is more of an ‘Australia is massive and England is tiny’ difference more than an individual uni difference, but it still takes some getting used to.  Luckily, the uni is extremely good at organising timetables so the distance you have to travel between classes doesn’t affect your attendance. (This seems like I’m being really dramatic, but trust me, even I didn’t have the perspective of someone coming from a tiny, tiny village, I’d still think this country is huge – they have loads of space and they make the most of it).  This leads me onto my next difference – at Leicester you choose your modules and then are given a timetable of what classes you have, and when and where they are, at Flinders the core of this is the same as everyone has to attend the same lecture, but you have the freedom to create your own timetable (within reason), by choosing which tutorials to attend – this is really useful as I was able to give myself Fridays off this semester which I can potentially use to go on long weekend trips to see some of the sights of Oz.


Aside from academic differences, the two unis are actually quite similar, with both having a wide range of extra curricular activities including society and club events – though the sports clubs vary quite a lot between the unis as we don’t really have the weather (or, you know, beach) for beach volleyball, one of the sports offered at Flinders.  One of the things I am definitely making the most of this year though is the fact that the gym on the Flinders campus is free for those who live at Flinders Living which is their on-campus equivalent of Oadby Student Village – though whilst this free gym is great, I have to say I think Oadby is a nicer place to live! (no offence Australia, I’m just a big fan of Leicester!!!) (Shout out to any of my Wistow gang reading this – feel free to come out and visit me whenever 😉 )


It is strange that the uni experience ranges so much depending on where you go, but I definitely think that it is a good thing as it allows you to build up difference life experiences before joining in with the real adults in the real world and so far I’m having a fab time.  AND I HAVEN’T GOT SUNBURNT YET!!!!!!

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