One Semester Down…



So i am officially half way through the education part of my year abroad! Because I don’t have any exams, and I submitted my last essay on the 26th, I am officially on holiday until FEBRUARY!!! I have so much booked, from family visits to a trip to New Zealand, to a tour of the East Coast! It’s gonna be a fab few months! I’m especially going to enjoy pretending to be in Lord of the Rings for the ENTIRE time I am in New Zealand.  The weather there is supposed to be more similar to British weather than the oven that is Australia which will be nice!


The last few weeks of assignment writing have been very stressful, but now in the Flinders Living student village we have this thing called SWOTVAC going on. It’s really great as it’s designed to reduce stress during the exam period and provide students with loads of free meals/ snacks/ drinks. What’s fab is that I get to enjoy all this without having the added stress of exams as well. I’ve been spending SWOTVAC getting free stuff with my friends which I’ve been enjoying greatly!


I also had my last exchange club trip of the year last weekend – in a quintessentially Australian way, we went surfing! It was super cool and the guys teaching us were hilariously stereotypical “surfer dudes”. It’s starting to get really hot here too, it’s supposed to get above 30 degrees on some days this week – I’ll keep you updated with how I am coping with this ridiculous temperature!

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