How to balance work and being a tourist.

One of the main things I’ve experienced in my first term here at Flinders is that it can sometimes get really hard to get a good work/ life balance.  I find this hard enough when I’m at uni in Leicester, but believe me, it’s a hell of a lot harder to motivate yourself to do work when you’re on the other side of the world and can just pop down the road and find some Kangaroos to play with!  As I’ve mentioned before, the International Student Service (ISS), and the Flinders University Student Exchange (FUSE) club are great for organising trips to the local areas, or even just social events where you know you can spend time with your friends.  These events are fab, but make you really have to focus on getting your assignments done in time to be able to be involved in these fun experiences.


One thing that I’ve found really useful is setting my own deadlines for essays that mean I can submit them within plenty of time, and still be available to go on the trips available to me.  This has taken a few different forms, from submitting my essay on a Saturday, when it was due on the Sunday but I was going on a Wine Tour (I know, I have my priorities set 😉 ) or simply just planning and writing my essays within plenty of time so when I have a deadline on a Friday night, I can just submit it hours before the deadline, and start my weekend properly, rather than slaving over a last minute essay, trying to submit it at 11:59pm.


Another thing that I’ve learnt is that I can’t do everything, so shouldn’t feel like its the end of the world if I miss one event or activity.  After all, I am here for a year so I have plenty of time to do all the activities I want, especially over my extremely long summer.  I’ve managed to fit so much in so far, and I’ve only been here for less than 4 months out of the 12 I am here for.  I just have to keep reminding myself that I have time, something which I forget all too easily.


If I think of anymore techniques I use to help my work/tourist balance, I’ll be sure to let you know!

PS. Literally yesterday I was like “oh its not too hot for me yet” so the universe decided to throw a 33 degree day at me…

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