Not much is going on here at the moment as it’s the summer holidays so most people have either gone on holiday or back home for Christmas. I’m in the process of sorting everything out for my holiday to New Zealand which should be fab! Here’s a few updates on what I’m up to now that the first semester is properly over…


I’ve been spending a lot of time at the gym – we’re talking multiple hours every day because noone is here so I’ve been VERY bored.  One thing that’s really great about the accommodation on campus here at Flinders University is the fact that the gym is free! It’s really well equipped too and even has a ladies only gym away from the main gym downstairs – I use this one as it’s pretty much always empty and it’s pretty darn cool having a free, private gym!


As well as the gym, and holiday planning, I have also been preparing for my next semester here.  One thing that my Study Abroad Coordinator at Leicester picked up on last semester was the fact that due to the late application process and the fact that my semester started in July, the process for enrolling in my topics for the semester just gone was very rushed and he barely had any time to review my subject choices.  In order to avoid this happening again, I researched my topic options for next semester roughly a month before any decisions had to be made so we could discuss my chosen topics and he could approve them.  This meant that when topic enrolment opened on the 28th November I was well prepared to fill out the form immediately, ensuring that I was accepted onto my chosen courses without any trouble! Also this saves a lot of hassle for me, as otherwise I would be stressing about it and rushing it in the New Year – now I can just relax and wait for my family to come visit which is happening very soon and I am SUPER EXCITED!!!!

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