Why I haven’t been blogging for a while…

Hi, so, sorry there haven’t been any blogs for a month, but I’ve been a tad busy…


I spent the last month on a 5 week road trip down the East Coast of Australia, and it was awesome! The trip entailed 33 days of travelling, 2 states, 14 buses, 13 hostels and a total distance of 3115km travelled! Pretty epic right!?  Not only did we make our way down the 3115km between Cairns and Sydney, but between these 2 cities we managed an impressive 300km of hiking, nearly 58km of cycling, and 226km of driving to name but a few things!! I barely had any time for sleeping but I think travelling through rainforests, mountains, deserts, cities and more is worth the sleep deprivation, especially as I still have 2 weeks before term starts again to recover!!


There are 2 ways to do the East Coast trip, either going up the coast or down the coast, my friends and I decided to choose the down the coast option as we couldn’t wait to experience the rainforest and climate of Cairns which could not be more different from the climate of Adelaide even though they’re the same country.  It was a very good job we chose this option as it meant we had the weather on our side.  During our time up north, there was a heatwave in the south and Sydney was reaching horrifically high temperatures which I am VERY glad I was able to avoid, AND THEN, less than a week after we had crossed over from Queensland (the north) to New South Wales (the south), there were crazy floods that swept across Queensland, which resulted in crocodiles swimming in the streets!! It’s insane how lucky we were to avoid it all!


Our trip consisted of:  Cairns – Mission Beach – Magnetic Island – Airlie Beach – Agnes Water – Bundaberg – Hervey Bay – Noosa – Brisbane – Surfers Paradise – Byron Bay – Coffs Harbour – Port Macquarie – Sydney!!! No two of these places seemed as if they were in the same country as every place had such a unique feel to it.  It truly wasn’t like anything I’ve done before, and I will probably never again be lucky enough to experience so much in such a (relatively) short amount of time!  My vlog for this month will be comprised of clips from all of the places I visited so you can see for yourselves just how amazing it all was!



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